Visualisation of questions on how to send a group ecard.

About online, group signed ecards

What is a digital group card at ?

An online group card is a purely virtual card (ecard) that can help you celebrate your loved ones' occasions. The digital group card can be easily shared and signed by multiple people. You can send it to your friends, colleagues, family members, or your dog. The card you create is unique and can be filled with funny messages and GIFs.

How do online group cards (ecards) work?

Ecards are digital, purely online greeting cards. You choose a card and let multiple people sign it by sharing a link. When everyone is done signing, you can share the group card with the receiver, using the receiver's link under the card, or schedule a time for automatic sending. We appreciate your privacy and don't require registration. We believe in a hassle-free approach. You create → you receive a link. That's it. Your ecard is ready in 3 seconds.

How to create an ecard with multiple signatures?

Select a group ecard from our catalogue. You can create it for free to test all functionalities. Your virtual card is accessible immediately in your browser. No registrations. Now you can share the ecard with others to sign and send it to the receiver.

Are there any page/ signature limits to the ecards?

There are unlimited pages per group e card. New blank pages are automatically added to your ecard when people keep writing messages. Unlimited people can sign the group ecards. The signatures can be as long as a single page can fit. If that's not enough for you, feel free to sign on multiple pages!

How private/ secure is my online group card?

Our IT architect has developed the majority of the bank infrastructure in Switzerland! We use the same state-of-the-art security, so your group card is as secure as your bank account. No one has access to your card but the persons you share the link with.

How long are the online cards available?

We never delete purchased cards. Your ecard will always be available online. In addition, you can download a PDF version of your group card for local safekeeping! Check out the receiver link on the DEMO
Created ecards that are not paid within a grace period of 30 days will be deleted. You can write to us if you want the card restored after this period.