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About online, group signed ecards

What is a digital group card?

An online group card is a purely virtual card (ecard) that can help you celebrate your loved ones' occasions. The digital group card can be easily shared and signed by multiple people. You can send it to your friends, colleagues, family members, or your dog. The card you create is unique and can be filled with funny messages and GIFs.

How do online group cards (ecards) work?

Ecards are digital, purely online greeting cards. You choose a card and let multiple people sign it by sharing a link. When everyone is done signing, you can share the group card with the receiver, using the receiver's link under the card, or schedule a time for automatic sending. We appreciate your privacy and don't require registration. We believe in a hassle-free approach. You create → you receive a link. That's it. Your ecard is ready in 3 seconds.

How to create an ecard with multiple signatures?

Select a group ecard from our catalogue. You can create it for free to test all functionalities. Your virtual card is accessible immediately in your browser. No registrations. Now you can share the ecard with others to sign and send it to the receiver.

Are there any page/ signature limits to the ecards?

There are unlimited pages per group e card. New blank pages are automatically added to your ecard when people keep writing messages. Unlimited people can sign the group ecards. The signatures can be as long as a single page can fit. If that's not enough for you, feel free to sign on multiple pages!

How private/ secure is my online group card?

Our IT architect has developed the majority of the bank infrastructure in Switzerland! We use the same state-of-the-art security, so your group card is as secure as your bank account. No one has access to your card but the persons you share the link with.

How long are the online cards available?

We never delete purchased cards. Your ecard will always be available online. In addition, you can download a PDF version of your group card for local safekeeping! Check out the receiver link on the DEMO
Created ecards that are not paid within a grace period of 45 days will be deleted. You can write to us if you want the card restored after this period.

How to use your group ecard

How to create a group ecard for free?

We offer free group ecard creation. You can create an ecard by clicking on the "Create Card" button under your desired design. On the following page you have the options to create the group card and pay later or pay right away.
If you choose to pay later, you can come back using the same admin link (check your account) and click on the "Pay & Send" button under the card to allow sending.

How to sign an online ecard?

To sign your greeting card, click on the green button "Sign Page" at the bottom of the page. Once you do, a small field will pop up. Click on it to start writing or drag it around to position it as you see fit. You can change the colour of your signature, bold the favourite part of your message and even add funny GIFs!

How to create a new page on my card?

There will always be one empty page on your group card, after the page with the last comment. You don't need to do anything. When someone writes a message on the last page, another blank one will be created. The receiver won't see any empty pages (unless it's the backside of an existing page).

How to move my ecard message?

You can drag the message around the group ecard by selecting and holding it (similar to dragging elements on mobile devices). In order to move your message to another page, you will need to delete and recreate it. Another option is to use the force, Luke

How to change the ecard's header or title?

Only the creator of the group ecard can change the header or the title. When you create an ecard a special admin link is sent via email, which permits you to edit the card header. If you lose your admin link, please check your email and follow the button (it may have landed in your junk folder!). You can also contact us at

Can I edit other people's messages?

The person who creates the ecard receives an administration link to edit every message. He/ She can choose to share this link with everyone, which would allow everyone to edit everything. Alternatively, the admin can send around the special card-sign link that lets people sign and edit their own messages only. If you are an admin and want to edit everyone's messages, you need to access the card via your admin link (if you've lost it, check your email and the junk folder). When in doubt, reach out to us at

How to invite others to sign my group ecard?

After creating your ecard, you can invite others to sign the card by clicking on the "Let Others Sign" button under the card and collecting your signing link. Then simply paste the link in an email, on social media, in a text message, etc., and share it with everyone who should sign.

How do I know if my ecard was sent out and opened by the receiver?

If you want us to send your e-card to the receiver you can use the automatic email delivery option. Once it's time for the delivery, we'll send the ecard to the receiver and send you a delivery confirmation email, so that you know that your ecard was sent out.
Once the receiver opens the ecard via the delivery email, you will receive another confirmation email from us. In case you don't hear from us that the receiver opened their ecard, feel free to follow up with them.

How to print/ download a PDF version of my group card?

You can download a printable pdf version of your e-card. To do that, open your ecard in the admin view. Go to the button "Delivery" under the ecard, and select the option "Download a PDF". Check out our DEMO to see it in action.

More about group gift money collections

How to add a money collection pot to my group ecard?

You can add a money collection pot in GBP, USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, or NZD by activating the option while creating your group ecard. When signing the ecard, everyone can chip in any desired amount.

How to remove a collection pot from an existing e-card?

If no one has contributed to the collection yet, you can deactivate it via the button "Contribute" under your ecard. In case you want to deactivate it after people have contributed, please reach out to us at

How to check how much was collected so far?

You can see the collected amount in real time by hovering over the "contribute" button under your ecard. In case of questions, please reach out to us at

How to redeem the collection pot?

Once everyone is done signing the ecard and contributing to the money collection, you can send the ecard to the receiver. The money pot is going to be attached to the ecard. The receiver can redeem it for a prepaid debit card or a gift card of their choice.

Are there any fees associated with the group money pots?

For all gift cards, except Visa and Amazon the whole process is completely free, and there are no fees associated with either the redemption or the contributions. PayPal payments are subject to a small fee, which will be shown transparently upon payment.
If the recipient chooses to redeem the collection pot as an Amazon or a Visa gift card, a one-time fee of 5% will be levied on the amount. This will be shown transparently to the recipient.
Additionally, there is a possibility to receive the funds via a bank account or a PayPal pay-out. A 5% fee is calculated on pay-out to account for the payment processing expenses.

Are group gift collections available in other currencies?

Currently, we offer pots in GBP, USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, and NZD. You can still contribute to the pot even if your home currency is different. We are working on adding further currencies soon.

About/ Miscellaneous

How does buying an ecard save a tree?

We use part of the revenue from each card to planting trees. Write us if you have a favourite tree charity you would like your trees to go to!
In addition, digital cards have a smaller carbon footprint compared to print ones. Each ecard uses a tiny amount of energy to store and function, which is completely offset by our tree planting initiatives. It's a great way to save a tree without having to eat a beaver!

Who are you guys?

We are a group of hobby artists inspired by the desire of making occasions truly special no matter the distance. We follow a digital-first approach and don't have an office space anywhere. Some of us are based in Switzerland, some in the UK, and some in Bulgaria. You can see our faces here, or drop us a line at

How do you create your ecards?

Each greeting card is either painted by hand or digitally drawn using tools like Inkscape because we love open-source. The cover design artist is usually mentioned on the last page of the ecard, in case you would like to contact them.